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Who am I?

My name is Joanne McCormack and I am a registered, retired family doctor in Warrington, Cheshire, UK.

As medical students we never learned much about nutrition, and were taught that a balanced diet was all anyone could do to be in good health. In 2013 I listened to Professor Robert Lustig, an endocrinologist, who changed my personal and professional view on this. Of course, my studies went way beyond this one event and have continued to this day. Following this I gradually learned about a new, different way of eating which involved eating real, nutrient dense, unprocessed food. It can be varied according to your food preferences, current health, medical conditions and medications,so read on and see what you think.

All I have done with my food is given up the starches and sugars that are found in processed foods, and cut down those in natural foods. Now I live a healthy, happy life and I want to share this way of living with others. You can do this too, if you like what you see and choose to do so. Just read the site through and think about it before you start. Many Warrington GPs and nurses are aware of what I do (and many refer people to me), so do tell them about it when you see them. I do find many people come back months later feeling better, and on a reduced list of medication, or maybe none. Just so that you know I am not alone, I am one of a group of 12 founder doctors of the charity, the Public Health Collaboration. The Public Health Collaboration and an international study group numbering 400 people.

Fat really is your friend

I feel great! It has been nearly 6 years now. If I am hungry I eat full fat cheese, I eat chicken – even with the skin on, and crispy bacon. I eat slow cooked pork – delicious!! I eat full fat yoghurt and berries. I adore my food, and yet until 2014 I was eating the standard British fare of cereal for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and pasta and meat for dinner, and I was getting fatter, and more bored. Now I want to run and laugh and shout it from the mountaintops. I feel 10 years younger. Fat made me well, and in addition, my joints no longer ache, my allergies are gone, IBS resolved.

If I were to tell you that Eating Fat was one key to becoming a healthy weight, and becoming fit and healthy you might think I was mad, but that is just what happened to me and countless other people. In 2013, I gave up sugar in a drive to become healthier. I needed to get my energy from somewhere else and so I turned to protein and fat. The more I ate, the thinner I got until I got thin and bony even though I was eating lots of food every day! I had to start eating more rice and potatoes to get fatter again-and I have never seen that happen in 30 years of being a family doctor. If you go online now and Google “Fat makes you thin” you will see countless references from newspapers and websites. If you Google Eat Fat, Get thin you will see books by Mark Hyman, Barry Groves, Trudi Deakin, Zana Morris and others. So why have these articles and books had so little impact on us?

Is it about fear of fat? Am I afraid of fat? No. Are you afraid of fat? When you eat a lot of fat, as long as you are eating very little starches and sugars, your body will start and continue to use its own fat stores. For more detail click here

What is cholesterol?

Anyone would think it was Public Enemy Number 1 but we would be dead without it. It is in every cell in our bodies, and is used to make our hormones and vitamin D. Eating healthy fat does not usually raise our cholesterol, so don’t worry about it. I say, eat healthy fat and leave those low fat products on the shelf- they taste disgusting and are full of sugar. If you want more information on the complexities of cholesterol click here.

…pants being trousers here in the UK!

A man called Butter Bob Briggs in America says he has become a normal weight and been cured of numerous health problems through eating a high good fat and low carbohydrate diet. He lost 10 stone 5 pounds in 14 months and kept it off with simple eating (which needn’t be expensive). Check out his story on YouTube, Twitter or his website.



Zoe Harcombe has been writing popular books about nutrition for over 15 years.

  • Stop Counting Calories & Start Losing Weight
  • Why do you overeat? When all you want is to be slim
  • The Harcombe Diet For Men

Her websites include information about her research into obesity, insightful academic studies and links to her publications.



This is a FREE website which I love. Run by Dr Andreas Eenfeldt, it goes through all the reasons why it is better for your body to follow a real food way of eating with lower carbohydrate and higher good fats. It’s not a restrictive diet; it’s a way of life that can be followed by all people, no matter what their age or weight.



is very comprehensive. Watch the video clips by Dr Jason Fung, highly recommended. Read how to do it, print it off and show it to your GP. He or she will be very impressed. This leads me onto Troy Stapleton. This doctor got diabetes and learnt how to control it with LCHF. Have a look!

How to control Type 1 Diabetes using LCHF

I Manage My Type 1 Diabetes By Eating LCHF

There is also a Facebook group called Type 1 Grit- it’s a must.To see it click here



This is run by Eddie Mitchell, and he can talk you through what to do, even as a beginner.

Finally, if you want to be really very educated about it, read Richard Bernstein’s book Diabetes solution or his Diabetes University articles on You Tube, all 47 of them. You cannot do better than that. Richard really knows his diabetes; he started at it at the age of 12, and did a medical degree so he could learn how to control it.



This great site from New Zealand is great for parents with young kids, as it is run by a busy mum of 3, Libby. She even has photos of all her kids’ lunches you can click on. Her kids call KFC the kids fattening club.


There are multiple low carb vegetarian cookbooks out there. I use the recipes on www.dietdoctor.com for my low carb meetings, and I am sure to include one of the many tasty vegetarian or vegan choices, as well as a meat and fish one. Have a look at this if you are vegetarian or this if you are a vegan.



This is for you sugar lovers and a great site to get you off the white stuff. They have fantastic recipes that look just like the food you are used to.

Michelle from Nonnompaleo is a busy mum of two and she makes real food meals seem like fantastic fun. Her site is full of cartoons and bright pictures.


  1. What do you eat for breakfast then?
  2. What about my cholesterol, I thoughts eggs/cheese were bad for cholesterol?
  3. Do I have to do it all the time? What if I am going to a restaurant or going on holiday?
  4. What is not recommended on this plan?
  5. I thought fruit was really healthy?
  6. It sounds expensive. Is it expensive?
  7. Is it the same as the Atkins diet?
  8. I am vegetarian/ vegan. Can I follow this plan?
  9. I am diabetic. Can I follow this plan?
  10. Why don't the government/ department of health/ DiabetesUK recommend this plan