10 things I have learned since 2013

1. Sugar, particularly fructose is the problem. Ultra-processed food is the problem

In 2013 I first heard about excess carbs rather than Fat being the problem from Professor Robert Lustig. It was a chance radio interview and his You Tube post told me more.

2.Many people do not want you to change and may undermine you openly or covertly.

There are many reasons for this. They like what they do, and your change of lifestyle and your new shape throws the focus on their eating and drinking. Which they like, and feel a bit guilty about, and do not want to change. Or maybe think they do not need to change. It happens with your family, at work, and between organisations.

3.Carb Creep

You will probably get drawn back to processed carbs in a process called carb creep- be vigilant, and cut it out. That tablespoon of ketchup, or that half a piece of cake may be the slippery slope.

4. Processed Food Addiction

Most people have processed food addiction and this may be the reason for 2. above. It also makes it harder for you to change your lifestyle as you probably have it too, or have had it too. Look at Fork in the Road by Dr Jen Unwin to find your own way forward.

5. Intermittent fasting

Also known as time-restricted eating is very important. I have seen a 21 stone man become a 10 stone man through this with my own eyes, not just on the internet. I think we all benefit from having large gaps where we are not grazing. It reduces our appetites, it reduces our blood glucose and insulin. So if you don’t want to eat OMAD (one meal a day), try not eating between meals, or just have two meals a day and no snacks.

6. Community

There is a great low carb, real food community out here and it is massive. Look at Facebook and Twitter for the biggest groups and follow people like Dr Zoe Harcombe, Dr David Unwin, Dr Tro, Dr Jason Fung and more.

7. All good food movements are infiltrated eventually

Big Food are already here with their processed Keto , low carb and high protein snacks- avoid them as they are not what I am talking about here. They are not real food. Real minimally processed food does exist- think dried meats, tinned fish, packaged minimally processed cheeses, olives. Big food- what we need are real food ready meals, without processed carbs, and where the real carbs are low enough for overweight and diabetic people.

8. Somebody wants a fight between vegans and low carbers, but we can easily be on the same side.

Divide and conquer may be their game, but I say you can be a real food vegan, a real food meat eater, a real food pescatarian and it will give you greater health benefits, than eating ultra processed food. Stick to minimally processed or totally unprocessed real food for best results.

9. The dietary guidelines of the western world are still wrong for those that fatten easily.

We still haven’t managed to change the dietary guidelines, but we will need to do that in order to reverse the obesity crisis.The first step will be to get a truly independent SACN in the UK.

10.Alcohol and soft drinks

Alcohol is not quite the last word, but it is the hardest thing for some people to tackle. If you do not drink alcohol, you may drink fruit squashes, or diet drinks and these can also be an issue. All of these things affect your hormone insulin, and when this goes up, your fat gets stored. They also may give you the “munchies”, or weaken your resolve about your new lifestyle. Soberistas are a great online community that can help.