What can you do if the UK eating guidelines do not work?

This is an open letter I have written to my UK based colleagues:

Dear Colleagues

How do you eat more nutritious food, relax about what you eat and how do you become or stay a relatively normal weight?
I have pondered this all my professional life (30y), and have put the most useful sources of information on my website www.fatismyfriend.co.uk

Maybe they won’t listen, maybe they cannot follow it, and maybe “they” is you. I see most of my population is fat and unhealthy (25% are obese) and the dietary advice of Public Health England has not helped these people to date. I’m even more worried about our children, than our adults.

In the modern Internet savvy world, we have immediate access to the collective intelligence of the world. I advise www.dietdoctor.com as number 1. It is based in Sweden, in over 30 languages and has 100,000 visits a day. Go to it and


– it is simply brilliant for patients and doctors.

I also noticed the dietary health advice of the Brazil government is a lot more sensible than ours. http://www.foodpolitics.com/2014/02/brazils-new-dietary-guidelines-food-based/

It is still a bit frightened of fat, but mostly recommends real unprocessed food, which is great.

I’m giving an evening talk on 31.3.16 in Warrington so let me know if you want to attend. The line up also includes Dr David Unwin and Mr McAdam.

I’m also part of a national movement to get better dietary advice for the whole of the U.K. and our first annual conference is on 11th June in Birmingham. www.PHCuk.org is our website and gives details of how to book.

Kind regards

Joanne McCormack
More extensive references are on http://www.healthylivingsite.me/#!references/c1vrr