Medication, Measuring & Carb Counting

Your medication Before starting the low carbohydrate way of eating you may need to adjust your medication for lowering your blood glucose.

Metformin- no change needed

Other drugs:
Sitagliptin- halve your dose
Gliclazide- halve your dose
Canagliflozin, dapagliflozin, or andempagliflozin- stop them before you start low carb.

Insulin- consult your doctor first- but dose usually goes down to half or even to a third of what it is on a higher carbohydrate way of eating, depending on your blood glucose.
Any other medication like BP drugs – please ask your GP. Your BP may well go down.

Your blood glucose testing Get a machine from your practice nurse or the Internet.

If on any drug above, apart from metformin, you will need to check your blood sugar every 2 hours and even in the middle of the night at first to ensure it is stable. Don’t forget to check 1-2 hours after meals, and especially if you deviate from the recommended foods – see what happens so you know-and go easy on yourself, you are learning. Here is a video clip that shows you how to do it:

Learn what happens with different foods, so you can make further changes as needed. Write the blood glucose results and foods/meals down in a book or spreadsheet to help you see what happens over time. Alter what you do to keep your blood glucose between 4 and 7( 4 ‘is the floor’)

Your carbs I recommend no more than 30g carbs a day, which you can work out from the Carbs and Cals book or app. Carbs are best divided 6/12/12, but could be 15, 15, or 10,10,10. Don’t forget to count and adjust for any snacks or drinks.