A different way to to think of your body and mind..

Let’s suppose you are overweight and have accepted it, or you are overweight and still feel bad about your inability to get off the couch, and your inability to stop eating the foods that keep you and your body just the way they are.

If you could press a button and be slim you would, but it just feels too difficult, what with all the pressures of life.

Here is a different way to look at it:

You are not just you…
Your body is a complex ecosystem in which you live with trillions of microorganisms, collectively called the microbiome. There are so many of them that they outnumber your own cells by between 2 and 10:1. So over half of “you” is this microbiome. This microbiome determines how healthy your immune system is, it determines your weight, and even your food cravings. You may think you crave certain foods and drinks, but it may even be the microbiome making your brain crave them.

You can change your microbiome by what you eat and drink in as few as 21 days. You can change it slowly or suddenly and when you do, it can bring about phenomenal health changes.

I will tell you how you can do that in my 8 week plan.

One of my friends did it by becoming a whole food vegan.

Many more people do it, by ditching the carbs