A typical morning

This morning I saw about 15 people with a variety of conditions. I have started asking everyone about what they eat, and listening attentively to the answers, because eating good food is a fundamental part of improving your health, along with having enough water, movement, sunlight, attention, and relaxation. This morning I saw people for medication reviews, with persistent coughs and colds, with anxiety, and people with backache. It is often said that doctors are not necessary for such minor matters, but that applies only if you think of a condition in isolation. Take a cold. It is a “so what?’ Surely people can just wait till they get better? I find often the person with a persistent cold is under or overweight, is on a variety of medication, and has felt under par for a long time. He may be overworked, he may suffer from stress and poor sleep. He may well be neglecting his diet and have stopped exercising. He may be on medication that needs to be reviewed. So I listen and ask questions and ask how he would like to improve his health. What is he willing to change? I often write down a list of suggestions and give links to my website for further reading and contemplation. I do not expect people to make changes right away. A period of reflection is needed and a discussion with loved ones about a joint way forward.
The medication reviews were helpful, and I managed to stop a couple of people over 70 on statins. The manufacturer advises caution and they both had conditions that could have been made worse by being on a statin, so were happy to stop it.
Food is more than fuel, it helps repair and renew your body, so think of the food you eat any time you become unwell.