Next lowcarb groups 12-1pm & 5-6pm Monday 10th June

Dear All
As well as 12-1, there will be a group after work for people who would love to follow the programme, but cannot come earlier.
They will be at St Thomas’ Church, Stockton Heath (not the Church hall) and we will cover all the basics of “low carb/real food” eating and how you can motivate yourself to achieve your hopes and dreams.
As well as these I will be running a group 2-3pm at the Hawthorne Centre, Padgate, on the same day.
They are suitable for anyone who wishes to improve their lifestyle, in order to reverse diabetes, lose weight or come off medication.
It is especially useful if you have tried and failed with other methods, like calorie counting, Slimming World, or Weight Watchers.
There is no need to book- just come along and bring your friends.
I look forward to seeing you there!
Dr Jo