Lots of us have allergies but would you imagine you could get rid of them, purely by changing how you eat?
I had allergies for 45 years and they went away completely with nothing more than a change of diet? Coincidence or not?
It worked for me and it might not for you but …. What have you got to lose?
This is what I had before:
Itchy nose,runny eyes, itchy ears and throat , itchy legs, sometimes mouth swelling, occasional asthma
Drugs before : antihistamines, steroid creams and inhalers
Drugs after : nil
Symptoms after: nil
Try it and see- you may be pleasantly surprised
Why should it work/ what’s the theory?
Lots of modern processed foods have been implicated in something called leaky gut. When you have leaky gut various substances get across and wreak havoc with your immune system, causing various problems including allergy. When you stop eating these substances your gut heals and stops leaking. Then your immune systems can recover! That’s the theory – see if it works for you. Have a look at my food plate