What can I say about anxiety? We have all felt the minor forms- the rumbling inside when we are nervous about a job interview or on a first date, but what if it gets so bad it takes over our lives?
When people get anxious I listen to what they tell me about their history, their social lives, jobs, finances, and families, but also their diet and what they think about psychological therapies because the latter can be the best way to deal with anxiety. If people do not want to deal one-to-one or have group therapy I suggest an alternative. To give you an idea these are some of things my patients find helpful:
Mindfulness based cognitive behavioural therapy
The No panic helpline– available 365 days a year
Gentle exercise like swimming
Aerobic exercise
Medication- this is last because it is not a long-term solution except in exceptional circumstances.

The Mindfulness course I advise is either the Calm app for Smartphone, or the book “Mindfulness – a practical guide to peace in a frantic world” by Mark Williams and Danny Penman. It is available in e book & print for less than £10.

With regard to what to eat to help anxiety I say this. Your brain needs good nutrition to work optimally and I strongly advise you to eat highly nutritious food. If you are not eating a wide variety of fresh food you will benefit from changing over. I strongly recommend the approach of or