Bad skin

Eczema, psoriasis, acne , dry skin, vitiligo.

Your skin is a large organ and can reflect your underlying health. Traditionally, we treat skin problems with a variety of skin emollients and steroids creams which are not without side effects.
There are no randomized controlled trials on the effects of eating real food on the skin, but in theory it should help.Eating real food helps the microbiome and may help leaky gut, which should both help your general health and your skin health.

I see patients with skin problems every day, and if they have a terrible diet and change to a good diet, I see improvements in their skin in 2 weeks. I had one patient who only ate food from a fast food restaurant, so had very little nutrition from her food. She was willing to eat real food instead and two weeks later her eczema which had been all over her face and body, had 90% resolved.