Next lowcarb groups 12-1pm & 5-6pm Monday 10th June

Dear All As well as 12-1, there will be a group after work for people who would love to follow the programme, but cannot come earlier. They will be at St Thomas’ Church, Stockton Heath (not the Church hall) and we will cover all the basics of “low carb/real food”... Read more →

Patient support group

We have a weekly patient support group 2-3pm on Mondays, currently run at the Capesthorne Community Centre, Avery Close, Orford WA2 0BJ. It is open to anyone wishing to improve their lifestyle with low carb eating, the keto lifestyle, and/or intermittent fasting(also known as time restricted eating). All of these... Read more →

#lowcarb behavioural change groups in Warrington

Through these groups you can reverse obesity, prevent diabetes and even reverse diabetes. Please bring a donation for the food bank or make a donation to the Public Health Collaboration charity, of which I am a trustee, if you can afford it. Monday 10th June 12-1pm and 5-6pm at St.... Read more →


Your sleep is not only very important when you are following this programme but also for your health in the years to come, so here are some ideas to help you If you don’t sleep well, your diabetes will be harder to control, you blood glucose may be higher,... Read more →

Hopes and dreams

Hope is the most important part of this programme and is as individual as you. You will get used to this question: A year from now and you are a lot healthier, what does healthier mean to you? These are the ideas that people have shared with each other… I... Read more →

OMAD(one meal a day)

Not everyone needs or wants to live on one meal a day, but here is someone who loves it! Treflyn says “Since the 11th January I’ve been on a journey of fasting for 24 hours and eating one meal a day. I’ve always had a tendency to put on weight.... Read more →

4 experts & me

This is the BBC Radio 4 PM programme of 15th May 2019, where MP Tom Watson( who has lost 7 stone and kept it off), Professor Roy Taylor, Dr Jason Fung , our low carb group member Marianne, and I talk about different methods of reversing diabetes, and losing weight.... Read more →


This is the sort of uplifting story I hear every week: “When you first saw me in the summer I could barely do more than a short walk. I have made progress and am feeling extremely well on the Low Carb diet. When I was first told I had raised... Read more →