Alcohol can be one reason why people fail to achieve their goals so here’s hoping this piece will help you…. Alcohol could be seen to be one of the hardest areas in lifestyle change. but is it? What does it mean to you? Do you love your drink after work,... Read more →

Fat Friends & Foes

Last week was a very interesting week one with my low carb behavioural change groups. I would encourage any low carb GP or nurse to start one- if you are a GP or nurse reading this, ask to observe one if you want. If you are a patient, tell your... Read more →

Nutritional Needs in Pregnancy

When you are planning a pregnancy or find yourself pregnant what sorts of thoughts do you have about your nutrition? You want your baby to thrive, so is it enough to eat a balanced diet as per the Eatwell Guide and let nature do the rest? It’s hard to know... Read more →

Carb cycling- what is it and should you do it?

Carb cycling refers to the practice of eating higher carb amounts on days you do strenuous exercise. As most of my patients are carb intolerant and gain weight easily I don’t advise it. However, you may notice that you can tolerate higher amounts of carbs on an exercise day. For... Read more →

Medication, Measuring & Carb Counting

Your medication Before starting the low carbohydrate way of eating you may need to adjust your medication for lowering your blood glucose. Metformin- no change needed Other drugs: Sitagliptin- halve your dose Gliclazide- halve your dose Canagliflozin, dapagliflozin, or andempagliflozin- stop them before you start low carb. Insulin- consult your... Read more →

Introduction to the 8 week course

This is an 8 week course that helps you change your eating and drinking habits permanently. I get emails from people many months and years down the line telling me they are still doing it and that could be you! It’s not just about food and drink, but also about... Read more →

Reversing your diabetes

It is a long time since I wrote a blog, because I have had to cope with the illness of someone who is very close to me. I am hoping to get back to regular blogs soon, but I wanted to share something now. Yesterday, I helped someone I had... Read more →

New group starting in Stockton Heath

Change your Eating in 8 weeks A behavioural change & low carb approach. Tuesday 7th August 12-1pm @ St Thomas’ Church Stockton Heath Just turn up +/- bring a friend or your partner. Run by Dr JOANNE MCCORMACK of & the charity 7th August, 14th August, 21st August,... Read more →

Do you have processed food addiction?

One of my friends used to work for the processed food industry and told me she spent her time devising foods that people could not stop eating. The people who worked there tried to find the bliss point, where people felt they were in some sort of momentary heaven. There... Read more →