10 things I have learned since 2013

1. Sugar, particularly fructose is the problem. Ultra-processed food is the problem In 2013 I first heard about excess carbs rather than Fat being the problem from Professor Robert Lustig. It was a chance radio interview and his You Tube post told me more. 2.Many people do not want you... Read more →

Weekly zoom meetings – Lowcarb Living

10-11am Saturdays We have a weekly meeting on ZOOM where we discuss the low carb way of life, and other related areas such as relaxation, sleep, intermittent fasting and fasting. If you are shy, just listen in! I post a link to our Zoom meeting on our low carb WHATSAPP... Read more →

Low carb in lock down

low carb ideas in lockdown Before covid I used to run several low carb groups each month, and now we have switched them to Zoom. It has its advantages- no driving, no parking, no fuel used, and no catching covid. Join us 8-9pm on a Tuesday and other times as... Read more →

Do you need to lose a lot of weight?

People like Treflyn Jones are the reason I do what I do. Obesity is so difficult to live with: to carry round all that excess weight and its consequences like arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease, and cancer. All that pain, all that limitation, and the background fear wears people down.... Read more →

Coronavirus update

All our lowcarb group support sessions have been cancelled for the foreseeable future, due to the coronavirus outbreak. I am supporting our patients who wish to follow the low carb lifestyle via a Whatsapp group and email. Email me joannemccormack@nhs.net with any questions, or if you wish to join the... Read more →

You can do it too!

Last week I had an email from Diane who used to be diabetic and is now in remission. She will have to maintain this way of life, and it sounds like she loves it. How lovely is that… and she is the one who did all the work and I... Read more →

Intermittent Fasting

When you adopt this way of life, one of the best things you can do is listen to your body. Be mindful and ask yourself- am I hungry or not? Can I wait a little while or even a few hours before I eat or drink? If you do this,... Read more →


Your sleep is not only very important when you are following this programme but also for your health in the years to come, so here are some ideas to help you https://www.sleepfoundation.org/articles/healthy-sleep-tips If you don’t sleep well, your diabetes will be harder to control, you blood glucose may be higher,... Read more →