Mini cheese and onion muffins

Ingredients 6 eggs 50g scallions/spring onions 1 onion salt and pepper 100g grated cheddar cheese half a tablespoon butter or olive oil Method Preheat fan oven to 175 degrees Sauté the onion for 5 minutes till soft in the olive oil Beat the eggs well and add all the other... Read more →

Non bread

Nan bread From the Real Food cookbook by Ellen Picton and Zoe Harcombe This is great with curries instead of or as well as cauliflower rice. Makes 2 2 eggs Half teaspoon dried cumin Half a teaspoon of mustard seeds Half a teaspoon of baking soda 2 tablespoons of olive... Read more →

Dates of Low Carb meetings at Stockton Heath Medical Centre

Don’t forget to book in via reception!Please note: *NO GROUP today-13th July* 20th July 3rd August 10th August 17th August 24th August 31st August 14th September 28th September 19th October 26th October After that we will have a break for the Winter and evaluate how it has been received, and... Read more →

Dr Jo’s Change 4 Life

Modern life can have a significant impact upon us being active. Would YOU like to do something different to watching TV, playing computer games, and eating convenience and fast food? It is all about YOU so it is your choice! Being overweight and underactive isn’t just about the way you... Read more →

Week 8-How to Change Your Eating in 8 weeks

Remind yourself of your hopes and goals- one year from now, what will healthier look like to you, and what will you be able to do as a result? How have you been getting on with low carb? Tell us about your challenges and successes in the group or- email... Read more →

Week 7 How to Change your Eating in 8 weeks

Remind us of your hopes and goals How have you been getting on? Let me know your challenges and successes on the night, or by email to Have you any questions? Have any of you eaten out yet? What happened? How do you find eating out with low carb... Read more →

Week 6 How to Change your Eating in 8 weeks

Remind us, and yourselves, of your hopes and goals How have you been getting on? What have been your challenges and successes, and would you like to share them with us? Do you have any questions- write to me at Have you heard of mindful eating? It can help... Read more →