Next lowcarb groups 2-3pm & 5-6pm Monday 8th April 2019

Dear All As well as 2-3pm, there will be a group after work for people who would love to follow the programme, but cannot come earlier. It will be at St Thomas’ Church, Stockton Heath (not the Church hall) and we will cover all the basics of “low carb/real food”... Read more →


This is the sort of uplifting story I hear every week: “When you first saw me in the summer I could barely do more than a short walk. I have made progress and am feeling extremely well on the Low Carb diet. When I was first told I had raised... Read more →

How to change your habits

Changing your habits is easier than you think. Have a look at this Read more →

Outings and birthdays- shifting the focus away from sugar

As a society, we have got into the way of outings and birthdays involving a lot of sugar, whether for the outing itself (e.g. a trip to the chocolate factory, Pizza hut or similar restaurant, or the cinema with sweets and popcorn added in), the meal within the outing(full of... Read more →


Alcohol can be one reason why people fail to achieve their goals so here’s hoping this piece will help you…. Alcohol could be seen to be one of the hardest areas in lifestyle change. but is it? What does it mean to you? Do you love your drink after work,... Read more →