Can’t lose weight on #lowcarb?

Can’t lose weight on LCHF?
When I started a 30g carbs a day way of life, I never imagined the changes it would bring. The weight loss was an unexpected side effect and not my primary concern.
However, not everyone does lose weight with the first version of LCHF they try

If this applies to you have a think:

Do you eat a lot of fat e.g. fat on your chicken, and in your coffee, and cream on your fruit? If you have fat on your body, you don’t need to eat that much fat in your food.
Fat is your friend and protects your body from too much glucose, and it is also a source of fat calories when you want to lose weight.

Are you counting your carbs- e.g. through “Carbs and Cals”( remember you do not ned to count the Cals) How many grams of carbs are you having in a day? 20-30g per day should be enough. Be honest with yourself( photograph everything you eat and drink with your phone and count it up) and cut it back below 30 g a day if need be.

Are you stressed? The high levels of cortisol, adrenaline and noradrenaline can stop you from losing weight, so how about some relaxation in the form of yoga or mindfulness? When you are stressed you will sleep less well, and have more difficulty sticking to a sensible way of eating.

Are you eating too much protein? You don’t need more than 1g/kg, or 2g/kg if weight building or growing. Some restaurants serve 14oz, which is about 400g- beef steaks- that is not necessary. As a rough guide a piece of meat or fish the size of the palm of your hand will do.