Carb cycling- what is it and should you do it?

Carb cycling refers to the practice of eating higher carb amounts on days you do strenuous exercise. As most of my patients are carb intolerant and gain weight easily I don’t advise it. However, you may notice that you can tolerate higher amounts of carbs on an exercise day. For instance, my expert patient Keith notices that he can eat porridge and maintain a normal blood glucose if he goes for a run afterwards. However, I would recommend porridge with nuts such as almonds or walnuts, rather than adding fruit which might push you over the 4-7 limit, 1-2 hours after the meal. Try making it with water one day, and almond milk the next. See if you can stay in the 4-7 range if you are doing strenuous exercise after. If you can’t stick to lower carb breakfasts instead.