Microbiome- what’s that?

Well…it’s the scientific name for the bugs in your gut

Most people have never heard of it, and it may control your mood, your appetite, your weight, and the sense of what you like to eat, and ultimately even who you feel yourself to be. So it is possible that eating to change your microbiome may change all of those things.

There are

6 -10 times as many organisms

in your microbiome as there are cells in your body. They consist of multiple species, and these will be very different in the gut of a whole-food eating vegetarian, to that in the gut of someone who lives on fast food. Indeed, a young man was asked to live on McDonald’s food for 2 weeks and his microbiome was analysed. Within two weeks, half the species in his microbiome had simply disappeared.

From a medical standpoint the microbiome is intimately involved with the immune system, and it has been suggested that , if it malfunctions, it could be involved with autoimmune diseases like diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, and perhaps some cancers.
In some countries they are even experimenting on microbiome transplants, which will need the right food to keep them alive.

Many websites promote real food ways of eating that will make your microbiome more healthy- www.iquitsugar.com
which is the Grain Brain site, www.wheatbelly.com
www.theharcombediet.com and

Most of them talk of the value of cutting sugar and processed food, and instead eating real natural foods, and the value of including fermented foods and adding probiotics and prebiotics.
I often think the value of phase one of the Harcombe diet is made so much more by the suggestion to eat natural live yoghurt, so enriching the microbiome at the point of change to a real food way of life.

Fatty Liver

Fatty Liver is very common in the UK, and sadly up to 40% of people have it. It is problem because it can lead to cirrhosis of the liver.
How can you reverse it you may be asking?
You might think you should eat less fatty food but you would be wrong!
You need to stop eating sugars and starches and in particular fructose which is found in fruit juice. That is right, fruit juice can give you fatty liver! In the USA people have had liver transplants, even children have had liver transplants because of fatty liver. Have a look at Jeff Cyr on the testimonials page of this site. Jeff was dying of a liver disease and cured it with a ketogenic diet- he just eats meat, and some veggies.

Daily meal options



Monday scrambled egg with butter and spinach
Tuesday poached eggs and tomatoes
Wednesday bacon and tomatoes
Thursday bacon and egg
Friday omelette with cheese
Saturday smoked salmon with scrambled eggs
Sunday bacon, egg, tomatoes, mushrooms, turkey sausage


Tuna salad
Egg mayo salad
Vegetable soup with cheese
Avocado salad with tomato, lime and coriander
Roast chicken salad
Ham and eggs
Full fat yoghurt, berries and almonds


Cauli Shepherds pie with courgettes and carrots
Gammon, and cauliflower cheese (sauce made with cheese, butter and crème fraiche)
Slow cooked pork with red cabbage and mixed green veg
Salmon in crème fraiche and dill sauce with tomato salad, and avocado salad
Courgetti Bolognese and
Roast chicken dinner with broccoli, cabbage, roast carrots and parsnips
Thai green vegetable curry and brown rice.

Snacks: olives, cheese, ham, hard boiled eggs, veggie sticks and humous