Cholesterol – what to think now

Depending on your age you may not be that bothered about the whole cholesterol thing. The low down- it is essential for life and you would be dead without it. There are even studies showing that the higher your cholesterol, the longer you live but association is not causation!
The supermarkets would claim that low cholesterol foods are heart healthy but that is simply untrue. The truth is that cholesterol is needed for cell life, and when your tissues need to be repaired, they need cholesterol in the repair process. It is also essential for making hormones including vitamin D. For a link to a series of references including books and YouTube videos, click here- link to my page on!cholesterol-references/c1o2p
As for statins the jury is out as far as I am concerned but we now know that they do not work by lowering cholesterol, but they may work by reducing inflammation.