Diabetes 1983 vs 2016

1983 Medical school, I learnt that diabetics had a problem with processing sugar and carbohydrates. They either lacked insulin(type 1), or their insulin did not work properly(type 2)which meant that foods high in sugar and/or carbs( which all convert to sugar in the body) were the worst foods for their metabolism. Fast forward to 2016, and many of us are

under the illusion

that diabetics can eat what they want and match the carb load with insulin without any consequences. This works very badly for many. Eating more and more carbs means insulin requirements go up and up, weight increases, and, for type 2s,

insulin works less well over time

, a bit like giving increasing doses of morphine to a drug addict. They may then be more prone to hypos and to complications. Our local dietitians appreciate this and I have been working with them to get the word out to local doctors and nurses, as well as patients, that a low carbohydrate diet is the first step. Eggs & bacon vs porridge? Eggs & bacon gives a much lower blood sugar level( just skip the bread!). Cholesterol? The cholesterol in food does not cause a high cholesterol in the blood. That’s a longer story and you can read it here.