I was talking to our chief dietitian about a time long ago when it was universally accepted that diabetics should not eat much in the way of sweet and starchy food. They did something called carb counting and limited their carbs. This was back in the day when we were both young, and newly qualified as GP and dietitian. Somewhere along the way the world forgot this helpful approach. Just to make it clear, Type 2 diabetics have an inability to process starches and sugars properly due to a problem called insulin resistance. It makes them overweight. It makes them have more inflammation in their bodies and this is a bad thing. They have high levels of circulating insulin and it does not bring their blood glucose down enough. If we doctors give them insulin, it may bring their blood glucose down, but they get fatter and fatter and need more insulin over time. Their control does not really improve. There is only one solution. Cut carbs, count carbs, and accept that your body just cannot tolerate them. Try the low carb plan on www.diabetes.co.uk. It has only been going a few months and already has had over 120,000 members!