Has your healthcare advisor seen the latest UK diabetes guidance?

New Nice guidance for Diabetes December 2015

As a matter of interest, has your doctor, nurse or health care assistant read the new NICE diabetes guidance December 2015?

Maybe they have seen the subtle but important changes, but maybe they have been far too busy to get round to reading them. After all, in my time as a GP I had a year in which there were 400 targets. In that year my good friend in ICI had three.

In case they are too busy to look it up, here is the award winning GP Dr David Unwin’s talk on low carbohydrate ways of living:

Low carb presentation Spire

Or the extracts from his slide on the NICE changes:

1.3.3 “encourage high fibre low glycaemic index sources of carbohydrate” so that means porridge, bread, pasta and rice are out, and so is the Eatwell plate

and 1.6.6 individualise recommendations for carbohydrate and alcohol- which frees practitioners from having to stick to the Eatwell plate

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