High Blood Pressure

I know many of you will be on blood pressure treatments. Your doctor has undoubtedly told you of the dangers of high blood pressure and the need to get it down. However, did you know cutting out hidden and added sugar in your diet could bring it down? Here is a link that shows how one person’s blood pressure came down and she was able to stop all her medication when she gave up sugar.

It is definitely worth trying to give up sugar in all its forms if you have high blood pressure. Buy yourself a blood pressure monitor and track the changes. If your blood pressure drops too low (say below 110/70), see your GP for advice on reducing or coming off your medication. I recommend www.dietdoctor.com or www.theharcombediet.com for good solid guidance and recipe ideas, which should normalise your weight too, if that is needed. If you have a big problem with sugar addiction the


is worth visiting as it runs 8-week programmes for gradual withdrawal with full shopping and meal plans.

If you do join the IQS programme, you may end up chatting to me in the forums because I’m an Expert Advisor.