How you need to Change your Diabetes Drugs while eating Low Carb

If you are on any of the following drugs you will need to change the doses of your medication, so tell your doctor or nurse what you are doing.

Metformin- wait till your HB1c is normal and then discuss cutting it down and out with your doctor. You will be able to stop it once your HBA1C is normal.

Gliclazide- cut the dose in half when you start your low carb plan and check your blood glucose after each meal to keep it in the range 4-7. It can be steadily reduced as you reduce your carbs and your blood glucose stays in the normal range.

Sitagliptin and other drugs ending in gliptin- can be halved and then stopped over the course of a few weeks.

Pioglitazone- can be halved

Exenatide- cut dose in half and tail off as you control improves to ebing in the 4-7 range all the time.

Canagliflozins and any other drugs ending in gliflozins- you must stop those right away on the day you start a low carb plan, as they are no longer needed. You will not be eating significant sugar and these drugs act by making you pee sugar.

Insulins- your baseline may stay the same but your boluses will drop by half to two thirds. count your carbs and give the appropriate insulin level as you have been instructed.
In all these cases check your blood glucose 1-2 h after meals and also through the night till you get established on low carb.

Speak to your doctor or nurse about how it will work for you. If you are a patient at my practice please ask me.
They can get advice from the hyperinsulinaemia and insulin resistance academic group.
You can get advice from the Diabetes University on YouTube by Dr Richard Bernstein. Also Type 1 grit and low carb Type 1 diabetics UK on Facebook.