Like to learn more about cooking real food, eating low carb, and intermittent fasting?

With thanks to Kath for the ideas below. Can you suggest any others?

Free -ish

Diet Doctor: CME course
I too use Diet Doctor resources and recipes a lot and I think they are excellent. There is a lot of free stuff on their website available without a membership. I am an (unpaid) member of their advisory group. I like the fact the website is funded by the subscription members and has no adverts.

Aberdeen University do a free short course

Coursera is a portal for online learning with a number of nutrition/obesity/public health courses. It’s like Futurelearn in the UK. I have found the standard to be really high and it is definitely pitched at post graduate level. Most of the ‘free’ Coursera courses allow you to buy a certificate for a small sum but you still get the full course content whether you pay or not.

At cost

American Nutrition Association: Ketogenic Nutrition Training Program

The Noakes Association: Online training courses was mentioned in our Whatsapp doctor network as being a worthwhile source of courses.

There are also several through the New Zealand LowCarb network linked to low carb dietitian Caryn Zinn and Prof Grant Schofield, see link below:

The Harcombe Diet. This website was devised by Zoe Harcombe, a PHD nutritionist and statistician so it is truly evidence based.