Victorian Living- fantastic health!

4 Victorian lady

Live like a mid Victorian for fantastic health ☺

When I read this article, I was very excited.

Working class Victorians had a life expectancy comparable to modern British people, as long as they got to the age of 5. This was in spite of the lack of modern surgery, and antibiotics.

From reading about how they lived, this is what I would advise you to do.

  1. Move as naturally and as much as you can
  2. Eat nutrient dense foods e.g. organ meats, egg yolks, fatty fish, greens, berries
  3. Eat seasonally and locally for higher nutrients
  4. Nourish your gut bacteria with onions, leeks, Jerusalem artichokes
  5. Eat fatty fish like mackerel or sardines
  6. Drink as little alcohol as possible. Victorian beer was 1-3% and they watered it down.

The ancient origins of the way I eat are in Paleolithic times but the modern origins lie in 1863. In that year, a famous Victorian undertaker William Banting, published his way of eating for the people of England to read. His Letter on Corpulence is in print today!

Interesting facts on William Banting- post it style

His undertaking firm carried out the funerals of Queen Victoria, the Duke of Wellington and George the Third and Fourth.

He is a distant relative of Frederick Banting who discovered Insulin.

Banting is the name given to the South African version of Low Carb Healthy Fat and postings on the Facebook Banting site frequently have over 1000 “likes”