Migraine Essentials

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In the days before I talked about lifestyle so much with my patients, I treated migraine according to the standard way as outlined by our local neurologist at the tertiary centre. He advises a washout period of 2 weeks without any drugs, followed by a series of migraine prevention drugs. He also talks about the need for regular meals and drinks, and sleep.

Nowadays with my focus on diet and lifestyle, I look at that first. For instance, there is not much point looking at triptans(one of the main types of drugs for migraine), if a person’s nutrition consists of just biscuits. To put it another way, I no longer gloss over the regular meals and drinks section, which is clearly there in the guidance.

Today I saw a 50 yr woman who had what I call a busy person’s diet. I will outline it below.

No breakfast.

Cereal bar or toast at work.

Sandwich for lunch

Pasta for tea

Fruit as snacks

The trouble with this way of eating, is that your blood sugar will be up and down all day in a random way, you will be very carbohydrate dependent and you will probably have to have a snack every 2-3 hours.

There are doctors, such as Dr Perlmutter in the USA, who suggest that a “low carb, healthy good fat” way of life does away for the need to eat a meal or snack every few hours, and that eating in that way will make your headaches go away. It is worth a go and is what I suggest before any other methods- such as drugs- are tried. It worked for me, and it works for many of my patients. Look at the plate on the front page of my website for a list of foods to eat or follow the programme in Dr Permutter’s book, Grain Brain.I did it for 4 months, my health was transformed in that time AND I no longer get migraine.