My ethical stand

Here I am, an NHS GP, taking a slightly unusual line of managing patients using dietary means in addition to other methods even though I do not have a qualification in nutrition. Going against guidelines or not? I would say not. I follow guidelines; I discuss them with my patients. I discuss additional points of view I am aware of, if they may be helpful to the person sitting in front of me. I consider if and why the guidelines have not worked for the person in front of me. I consider what other strategies may help my patient.
We are not all the same. Guidelines are created for a mythical Mister or Ms average, and such a person does not exist. I deal with individuals, not populations when I am in the consulting room. Life is a continuous learning process, and we will never have the final answer. Therefore we continually need to be aware of what information is available to us, and find ways of presenting that information to our patients.
One final thought, in the Internet world, the English-speaking world is our virtual library, and we are no longer restricted to the view through the UK lens, of the UK guidance decided upon at a point in time by our Key Opinion leaders, for Mister or Ms Average.