Of Cats and Men

The coat of cats, and the skin of men, women and children is affected by what we eat….

My colleague Dr David Unwin @lowcarb_GP told a group of us this story about two patients and one cat called Dobbie…

‘Over the past few months I have had two young people with chronic, messy, scalp psoriasis that has improved amazingly after just a few weeks of going wheat free.
Recently a 25 year old bounced into my room to ‘give me a house point’ -so delighted, as the psoriasis was loads better without any of the usual steroids or potions. But not just that, complexion also the best in years, also indigestion vanished and upper arm icthyosis gone!
As this is the second case I thought to see if any of you have had similar ones?’

I have actually. I had a girl with terrible eczema all over her body who only ate junk food, which she got free from the restaurant in which she worked. When she changed to eating real food her condition resolved- and it only took 2-3 weeks.

And Dobbie the cat ?
A few months ago his feline beauty was ruined by a spreading scabby bald area that was very itchy. After a few months I was feeding him one night and noticed his expensive cat food was ‘full of whole-grain goodness’
I ask you, why do cats need wholegrains !!!
Needless to say now he gets meat and all his fur has grown back.
According to Prof Noakes there is an

epidemic of cat diabetes because of all this wholegrain cat food nonsense.

People and cats fare badly with the wrong diet. Cats are carnivores and need meat, not whole grains. People need nutrients from food to thrive, and junk food does nothing for them.