Reversing your diabetes

It is a long time since I wrote a blog, because I have had to cope with the illness of someone who is very close to me. I am hoping to get back to regular blogs soon, but I wanted to share something now.
Yesterday, I helped someone I had never even met or spoken to or emailed, and I found out by phone via the friend of a friend. This man has reversed his diabetes via my site. Isn’t that fantastic? I have met and spoken to many people who have reversed their diabetes now, but I want to point something out. The reversal only lasts for as long as you follow the low carbohydrate way of eating. For instance, another person, Keith, an X-pert patient, has continuous blood glucose monitoring and his blood glucose stays firmly in the 4-7(normal) range for as long as he eats low carb food. If he eats cornflakes with skimmed milk and orange juice it goes up to 15. Here is what happened when he ate sandwiches and fruit for lunch.
On the other hand, my uncle thinks his diabetes went away when he cut out sugar. Maybe it went away temporarily, but it has now come back, as confirmed by his blood glucose levels. To get rid of it he needs to cut out sugary and starchy foods all over again.
If you are reading this and are not my patient, ask your doctor to refer you to a dietitian specifically for a low carbohydrate plan, or look at DietDoctor or