Sunday Roast Beef

I am mindful that many people have not the money or inclination to cook roast beef, and yet it is a very filling and tasty treat, especially if done well. It is also very low carb, and healthy fat so excellent for diabetics and people who want use up their body fat stores, as well as being highly nutritious for us all. Just don’t eat too much of it- 75-100g(3-4 ounces) should do.
If you eat it when out for lunch, have it with the leafy vegetables, and avoid the starchy potatoes, chips, gravy, and Yorkshire puddings. You can always ask for extra other vegetables and a good helping of meat..
When cooking beef, consider using brisket( or other cheap cuts) and cook it nice and slow:
1kg brisket
beef dripping
salt and pepper
300ml stock
a bunch thyme and bay-leaf
Melt the dripping, sear the beef till browned, put it in pot, add ingredients above, cover with foil and a tight fitting lid, and put in oven for 3 hours at 140 degrees Celsius(gas mark 1, 275 deg f)
plenty of above ground veg* to serve
If you want to make it a bit more interesting add in any of:
6 small whole onions
4 small carrots
4 sticks celery
120g chestnut or other mushrooms before it goes in the oven.

* include cabbage, cauliflower, courgettes, broccoli, mushrooms, asparagus, leeks, onion