Sweeteners- what do I really think?

Today I tweeted that sweeteners were better than sugar and got one immediate rebuttal from one of my followers. I set out on a jog around the park, and that set me thinking.

This is what I really think

If you ate no sugar in your life it would do you no harm
If you ate no sweeteners in your life it would do you no harm.
Sweeteners probably stimulate an insulin response, which could lower your blood sugar and so make you hungry- and then make you eat more.
Sweeteners prolong your gustatory fascination with sweet foods, and for many people it is better to break that circuit. In the long run, the less you have them, the less you want them. Similar to how much you want a cigarette if you have been a complete non smoker for many years( usually not at all)
Personally I never have sweet drinks. I have cheese instead of puddings, and I avoid fruit, apart from occasional berries.
I actually I cannot remember seeing a slim person who adds sweeteners to their drinks.
Alcoholics cannot cure their problem unless they give up alcohol, and sweet-o-holics cannot cure their problem unless they give up sweet. I’m an expert advisor for www.iquitsugar.com, and there are lots of sweet recipes on their site, but I regard the 8-week programme as a start in the right direction and not a final solution. The best solution is to eat only real food, and sweeteners are not real, so I say leave them out. Life is not a game of perfect though, so to find out more, look at these people who have written about sweeteners:

Who knows about sweeteners?

Dr Perlmutter
Zoe Harcombe
Dr Mercola
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and many more I am sure…