Many people ask me about cholesterol

This post gives you several references so that you can make up your mind about cholesterol

90 % of people on low carb, real food diets get a normal cholesterol level. If YOU do, that is great and you do not need to concern yourself with this article.
If however, you are one of the 10% who do get a high cholesterol after starting a low carb diet, please read on…and remember that cholesterol is essential for life.

Cholesterol references

I am going to give you 7 references. If you watch and read them all you will probably be better informed than your GP, and your hospital specialist.

The Oxford University CTT clinical trials website

National cholesterol month

The Cholesterol Conundrum by Ivor Cummins on YouTube

The Great Cholesterol Con book by Malcolm Kendrick and

Demonization and Deception In Cholesterol Research by David Diamond on YouTube


Bear in mind that we do not know how much negative trial data remains unpublished so we do not have a final answer. You need to look at the sources above and decide for yourself what you wish to do. By all means, discuss it with me or your GP.