The long term benefits of Low Carb, Healthy Fat

This email speaks for itself!

Good morning, Dr McCormack

I had an appointment with Dr Reynolds at Padgate this morning and he gave me your website address and suggested I drop you a line regarding my and my wife’s success with LCHF.

I saw you around January 2015 as I had a severe post-op infection after total knee replacement. You advised me of the potential benefits of LCHF in resisting infection and directed me to the website.

I studied this and other links for some time and as both my wife and I have for ages wanted to lose weight (and tried several methods with no success!) we agreed that we had nothing to lose; as we were going 5* all-inclusive to Mexico in Spring we decided the diet would start in May on our return. I used the time studying blogs, websites and bought several recipe books to plan our MO.

My wife, it is fair to say, was extremely cynical about losing weight by eating butter, cream, fats etc., but agreed to give it a go given the mass of evidence that it worked and the positive effects on health. We were also starting to see the myths regarding government nutritional advice which has led to the world obesity problem. Things started to make sense.

We commenced the diet end-May 2015 – I was 14st 4lbs, Chris was 12st 8lbs. We were very strict and limited carb intake to around or under 20gms per day. I continued to use Canderel and due to food availability sometimes at work I did have the occasional bread sandwich (our site chef did tire of making me omelettes!). We shunned wine totally, (red was my tipple, Chris was white) but did allow ourselves the odd Gin & Slim Line.

By autumn I had lost 3st and was down to 11st 5lbs, Chris had lost 2st. From a 38″ tight waist I now struggle to keep up 34″ and am probably nearer a 32″; Chris has gone from size 18 to 14.

I now fluctuate by a couple of pounds as I do allow myself a little bread, but Chris is more rigid.

I have worked at my current site for 13 years and people couldn’t believe how well I looked.

Strangely, when I extolled the virtues of LCHF nobody had heard of it (although they had heard of Atkins). I haven’t tried to explain the technicalities of LCHF to anybody – I have just let them witness the results and directed them to Diet Doctor.

There is a down side – all the new summer clothes I had for Mexico had to be charity-bagged together with winter coats etc. etc.and the same for Chris’s clothes -cost us a fortune but at least charity was a winner!!

Apart from weight loss we feel so much better and healthier.

We lost our old dog in Feb 2015 and

got a new pup in June – we can now walk miles with her.

I hope you find our experience interesting and we would be more than happy to share this in helping you promote what we find to be the best lifestyle change we have ever made. I would also like to thank you for helping us to discover LCHF.

Please contact us if you require any more specific info.

Kind regards
Paul & Chris