Week 2- How To Change your Eating in 8 weeks

Week 2
Remind us of YOUR hopes and goals. Lose weight? Come off medication? What will that enable you to do? E.g. run after grandchildren, run a marathon, get into a new dress, or an old one!, climb a mountain, walk round the supermarket? Last week someone told me she wanted to spend a full day on roller-coasters!
How have YOU been getting on? What are your challenges and successes?

Main meal recipe Chilli-covered Salmon with Spinach from www.dietdoctor.com

Feel free to bring in your recipe books, or favourite recipes and I will show you how you can make them lower carb, and still very tasty.
Exercise idea- did you know you cannot outrun a bad diet? Exercise is good for you, it brings out the happy hormones, so think of what you enjoy doing. Move more for fun!
Here is a great low carb website list.

Not to forget….

Mindful eating– plan your meals, and your shopping, take your time over eating this week, and enjoy every mouthful.
Habit releaser of the week– could you travel a different way to work this week, or if you are retired travel a different way to somewhere you go regularly. Take in your new surroundings and take your time.
Sleep– getting up and going to sleep at the same time every day.
Food addiction– are we all junk food/processed food addicts? Thinking of giving up processed food like giving up smoking- setting a quit day, not giving up on giving up.
Checking your measurements and/or doing your photos before you start. Ask your nurse or HCA to check your weight, height, waist, HBA1C, liver test, HB, kidney test. Some people prefer to use just photos to show their progress- it is up to you!
Have you any questions? If so email me on joannemccormack@nhs.net