Week 3- How to Change your Eating in 8 weeks

Remind us of YOUR hopes and goals. Mine were, and are, to reduce my risk of dementia. My dad and grandmother had dementia, and it is associated with diabetes. In reducing my risk of diabetes, I hope to reduce my risk of dementia.
This week a few people in my group shared that they were now able to get down on the floor and play with their grandchildren, and get up again. How lovely!
How have you been getting on? What are your challenges and successes?
Email them to me if you like, or ask me a question, on joannemccormack@nhs.net
Low carb snacks and fermented foods– examples are provided on the night.
Recipe for sauerkraut
Exercise chat- what have you been doing? You cannot exercise enough to compensate for eating the wrong sort of food. Remember that Sumo wrestlers eat lots of rice and drink lots of beer and despite doing lots of exercise they maintain a high weight.
Non food treats
Not to forget:
Set your quit day– processed food addiction affects many of us, don’t give up on giving up!
Get your measurements and/or photos done. The tests to be done now and in 3 months are HBA1C, liver, kidney, lipids, thyroid, weight, height, and waist measurements.
Be mindful
Habit releaser of the week- have a night- or a week- off TV, and see what else you can enjoy.
See me or your GP for advice about your diabetes medication before your quit day.