Week 4 How to Change your Eating in 8 weeks

Here is a link to Suzy Glaskie, health coach, of Peppermint Wellness. Suzy came along to one of our groups and I was very impressed. She connected with each of us about processed food addiction, and how we can leave it behind us! Follow the link and think about how you can address your addiction to processed food. Most of us have it to a certain extent- I know I did.

Do remind yourself of your hopes and goals! Recently, one of my group shared that she dreamed of running with her dog. She also has managed to get on her bike for the first time in 10years, so I’m sure she will do the run. I look forward to getting a photo.
How have you been getting on? Challenges and successes are very good to share, plus photos and stories. Send them to me or share on social media and tag me.
Your questions? email me joannemccormack@nhs.net
How are you involving your family, friends and workmates?
1 recipe- “fathead pizza” if you like pizza & want something lowcarb this is very tasty.

Habit change and addiction, and cravings?
Don’t give up on giving up!
Many of you ask about sweeteners so here is a 4 minute video from Dr David Perlmutter