Week 5: How to Change your Eating in 8 weeks

Remind us of your hopes and goals- I will to add them to our flip chart as a visual memory.

How have you been getting on? What are your challenges and your successes? Would you like to share them with me or the group?

Give me your questions on the night or email me at joannemccormack@nhs.net

Moving and exercise- where are you now, and what would you like to build up to? Remember you cannot outrun a bad diet.

Recipe- easy granola

Your recipes and how we can adapt them- I will pick some of my favourites and ask you for yours. Don’t forget to bring your recipe books. There are now many vegetable noodles or zoodles around like courgetti or spaghetti squash, and rice substitutes like cauliflower rice and broccoli rice. Many of you make them, with all sorts added like garlic, onions, and spices, but others want it in a packet. If it’s fresh and low in carbs, that’s fine.

Let’s talk about birthdays and treats this week, and email me with your favourite tips with lower sugar living..

The national dietary guidance of Brazil! something to set you thinking..