Week 7 How to Change your Eating in 8 weeks

Remind us of your hopes and goals

How have you been getting on? Let me know your challenges and successes on the night, or by email to joannemccormack@nhs.net

Have you any questions?

Have any of you eaten out yet? What happened?

How do you find eating out with low carb either on the hop and for a sit-down meal?

Local menus have been provided thanks to Ayesha Wooler, our public health champion.

If you have not started low carb yet, would you like to stop eating out for first 6w or longer, or would you like to try eating out right away? The choice is yours.

How do you feel asking for something different?

What is the reaction of your partners and friends?

Website of a cafe offering low carb choices.

In this meeting we do mindful movement or chair yoga to help us relax- feel free to ask Dr Hemma Mistry about it as she is a trained yoga teacher as well as a doctor!

Recipe and food to try and if you fancy mini cheese and onion muffins here you are