Week 8-How to Change Your Eating in 8 weeks

Remind yourself of your hopes and goals- one year from now, what will “healthier” look like to you, and what will you be able to do as a result?

How have you been getting on with low carb? Tell us about your challenges and successes in the group or- email me at joannemccormack@nhs.net

Your questions- on the night or email me and I will discuss with the group if you want.

Food to try- email me with suggestions, or bring something along

By special request here are some low carb ideas for those of you who are on the road or in the air, and wonder what you can eat as a low carber.

Schools and workplace challenges- packed lunch ideas

Family challenges- do your family do low carb, or how do you adapt to people eating different ways in your family? How can you help reduce the sugar intake of your children or grandchildren? Make them recipes from this site!

Have a look at these FAQ – I will also provide a laminated list at the meeting.

This is the last meeting of the cycle- please do give me some feedback before we start on the next one.