Why *and how* you should challenge your doctor over dietary advice

Last weekend I read an article by journalist Jerome Byrne about how doctors and the general public had been hoodwinked into prescribing a treatment for ME/ chronic fatigue syndrome which was next to useless. Annoying, but true- so thank you Jerome. You can read about it here when you have time. It was a perfect example of how we can be fooled, no matter how clever or well trained we are.
Over to dietary advice. On one of my Twitter feeds I suggested that people tell their GPs about the way of eating on this website called real food, low carb, LCHF, or many things, but they are essentially real food ways of eating where you find the carb level that suits you, and get yourself more nutrients through food.
One of my Twitter followers pointed out that it was unfair to expect people to do this, and in addition it was not right or proper for a patient to challenge an expert, like a doctor. He also made a podcast about it, which you can listen to here, and directed people to my website, which was *Fabulous*- thank you very much.He Tweets @LIHF_Living( take a look, he has done astounding things) and while he has valid points, I want to show you how you could challenge your GP or Nurse if you want to, without him/her taking offence, and with the aim of introducing him/her to something rather amazing.
We doctors and the public have been told for years that if we exercise enough and eat little enough we will become nice and slim and healthy. See a problem with that?
Question 1 for your GP/Nurse
As a matter of interest, do you find dietary advice actually works for all your patients, friends and family?
– the answer will be no.
Question 2
Would you be interested in a plan B, with an evidence base and a reasonable body of medical opinion behind it in the UK?
If yes, give your doc the literature and leave him or her to his busy day with a smile and a thank you. If no, move on and leave some literature for the practice nurse while leaving the building.
If your doc says he has to follow guidance, you can point out that guidance for diabetics has recently changed, is meant to be individualized these days, and we are meant to have individual carbohydrate recommendations. Not many docs know that because they are so busy and it changed surreptitiously in December 2015( section 1.1.1 and 1.3.3 of NICE DIABETES in case you are interested). Nearly every doc I have said this to has asked for the reference because they did not know.
I know that many people will not be comfortable with challenge, but many will and your doc will eventually thank you for letting him know. Doctor David Unwin the low carb GP found out through a very well controlled diabetic patient, I found out about LCHF through my sister who is a teacher. We will not be hearing directly from the department of health until the changes are already endemic in our society. The reasons for this are complex, but if I say that Pret a manger already has significant a low carb range( and that company is owned by McDonalds), and the bank Credit Suisse has told its shareholders to invest in butter, and meat and eggs, commerce has acted before the health authorities, and is several steps ahead of their game.