Why I advise low carb healthy fat eating

I’m a conventional GP and I’ve been practising for 29 years. I would never want you to think I was anti establishment. I worked in a five partner practice for 23 years, have been the chair of the Professional Executive Committee of the Primary Care Trust and I was a GP trainer. I’m married and am mother to three grown up children. I’m also the named GP for Safeguarding children for an area of 300,000 people and 42 practices. So what makes me so sceptical about the current dietary advice, that I am now a founder member a charity the Public Health Collaboration that campaigns against it? The simple reason is that I see it does not work for the people who need it to work. It’s fine if you are healthy and slim and on no medication, but once you are overweight, the advice to base your meals on starchy carbohohydrates will tend to make you get fatter and fatter. Then you may eventually need drugs for diabetes, blood pressure, arthritis, reflux and perhaps even gout. Your body is not able to use up that carbohydrate for energy, and cleverly changes it to fat to minimise the harm the resultant sugars could do to your body. In addition, your cells become less and less sensitive to insulin as time goes on and this causes you to gain more weight. By accident I discovered that if an overweight person cuts out processed starches and sugars and sticks to real food with a low natural sugar level, they get thinner, and may even become the lightest weight they have ever been as an adult. Try it and see. Look at the food list on my site.